Launch of the new fragrance, VETIVIER INSULAIRE

The story

Is there a more unforgettable aroma than that of the Mediterranean earth heated by the sun? Timeless, a contemplative haven, the sensations it brings pluck at the heartstrings and give the impression that nature is playing with our feelings.

The restful shade of a fig tree blowing in the wind, the magnetic heat that brings with it the obsession of freshness, and fields filled with flowers longing only for their aroma to be inhaled. This living nature questions itself, as would a person: seeking attention as reassurance, she seduces, thinks and loves. She allows men to drift through on her perfumes and thus offers the most beautiful of journeys.

This is the story that tells Au fil du temps. Cradled by the nature of the Mediterranean territories and islands, this scent possesses its unique character, its light and heat. Written and made for women’s skin just as well as for men’s, Au fil du temps is a true showstopping perfume.

Olfactory Description

Au fil du temps, the perfume that awakens the senses!

Au fil du temps draws from nature its strength and light. The citron offers a fresh and energetic start, contrasted by the fig leaf and its scent of subtle fruity skin. The specific texture of the black pepper brings this match to a simmer by allowing the crispness to linger and bringing a unique quality to the aroma. Complex and elaborate, the heart of this incomparable creation is made up of a trace of jasmine, which in its nobility, adds to the elegance and distinctiveness of this trail of scent.

Finally, the association of the vetiver, the cedar and the rockrose keeps the flame of the perfume alive by giving it a warm and delicately ambergris scented base, evoking the astounding scents of the Mediterranean scrubland.

Au fil du temps is a creation that frees itself from the codes of gender and short-lived trends, allowing room instead for the emotion of the grand Mediterranean landscapes. Each aspect of the perfume calls to mind beautiful memories allowing a unique story to be told on one’s skin.

Making Of

The starting point of this creation was the fragrant Inula. A southern plant, combining the spicy notes of pepper, the warmth of wood and the depth of moss, which has never yet been emphasized in perfumery because of its boldness and rarity. At its heart, and over time, the peppered notes unfold throughout the day and blend wonderfully with the vetiver. This union has allowed the darker and woody sides of the raw materials to meet with the lighter and more bursting aspects. The balance of this match was then obtained thanks to the citron, capable of giving momentum and energy to this creation. The freshness, woodiness and warmth of the perfume’s body now established, it then needed to be embellished and it’s radiance enhanced. The perfumer’s work of art was therefore to lay down the delicate nuances, which give the perfume its signature: green and milky fig leaf, flowered and radiant jasmine, intense and sensual rockrose. The result of this: a multi-faceted and incredibly balanced perfume.


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