The Au fil du temps soy wax scented candle

The candle acandela, made with soy wax, is part of a new generation of ecological unrefined candles from plant-based natural and, most importantly, renewable materials.

It contains no GMOs, pesticides or herbicides; it is entirely biodegradable and does not give off toxic waste.

Our candle possesses a remarkable quality; its melting temperature allows for a prolonged combustion time and guarantees an excellent diffusion of the essential oils.

Soy wax has a low melting point; therefore do not leave your candle exposed to the sun as it may “sweat”. If this occurs, remove it from the source of heat and it will regain its original appearance.

In the same way, cold conditions could make it freeze, dilate or create air pockets.

Once again, being returned to a normal room temperature will restore its original quality.

In order to enhance the beneficial effects of our candle, we use only non-treated cotton wicks, which are pre-soaked in the wax for better burning. They are certified Oeko-tex.

The scents are obtained through the perfume we have created specially for our acandela candle, according to an extremely strict bill of specifications (without phthalates or CMRs).

All candles can be a fire risk; it is therefore necessary to use them with caution and to follow the safety instructions.

Safety instructions

  • Never leave a candle burning without surveillance
  • Never leave a candle burning in a draft or near anything that can catch fire
  • Never leave a candle burning near children, or make sure they understand the safety instructions

Rules of use

  • The candle must be lit long enough for the burning to reach the sides of the container
  • After each use, approximately 5cm of the wick should be trimmed off in order to encourage an even burn